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Hey there today I’m unboxing a microphone.


I have put a link in my description box where you can buy it. Now, I’m going to open the box. Let’s see what we get.


So, this is the microphone the black and golden version. It is BM- 100 FX. You can see there.


Personally I love its outlook. It’s build quality very good. Its body made of plastic shell.


Our next part is a microphone clip. By it, we can attach the microphone at the center. So the microphone is easy to mount or remove.


Next is power supply cable about 3 meters with 3.5 millimeter audio jack and USB connector.


And a Microphone stands. It is a free standing mount for a microphone. It is made of metal and plastic. It’s really hard and strong.


OK these all things we get from the box. Now I will show you the Microphone set-up system.


Take the clip and join with the stand like that clip the microphone. Now we join the cable in microphone. This is XLR. You have to make sure that you plug the pointing in right way. Our basic microphone setup is complete.


There are two jacks you can see. This one is only for power supply because this microphone you used its need a huge power supply. And this jack 3.5 millimeters for audio input.

I forgot to tell something. There are two nobs. First one is echo nob. If you turn it this way it increases the echo and if you turn it in these way it decrease the echo.


Someway, if you turn this nob this way it decreases the sound and if you turn it this way it increase the sound. So, I order this microphone from bd shop.

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