NodeMCU 12E 4 Channel Relay Module

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NodeMCu 12E with 4 Channel Relay Module board design for complete IOT (internet of things) development board for IOT Home Automation for IFTT, Blynk App, Thinkspeak and also using Google Assistant based Home Automation project.



NodeMCu 12E:
The NodeMCU 12E Development board based on ESP8266 wifi chip, integrates GPIO, PWM, PIC 1 wire and ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) all in one board. Power your development in the fastest way combine with NodeMCU Firewire! R2 version had CP2102. USB-TTL instead, larger current support, slim board can put on breadboard and pcb board.
Note: No need to install driver for CH341 (CP2102 should install) and No need to flash fireware when you get it and on first time. This different with version R1.


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