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Hi there,

Today I am showing you how to connect 16*2 LCD display to an arduino board and how to connect it with code.

So, let’s start it.

First of all things we need for our project-

  1. A LCD display,

This is standard from is ‘Liquid crystal display’. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat panel display or other electronical modulated optical device. That uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals. It is used in TVs and computer monitors. It is also used for screening laptops, tablets and smart phones.

  1. A bread board,
  2. Arduino uno,
  3. A 220ohm resistors,
  4. A 10K potentiometer,

A potentiometer is a three terminal resistor with a sliding or rotting contact that forms and adjustable voltage divider. It acts as a variable resistor. A potentiometer allows you to adjust the contrast of characters.

So, we add the LCD display on bread board like this.

Now we put the potentiometer on the bread board.

Let’s start our wiring system.

First connect the jumper wire from pin Vss of LCD to negative rail on bread board for ground.

Then from pin Vdd of the LCD to the positive rail.

Then from pin V0 of LCD connect the jumper wire to the middle pin of a 10k potentiometer.

Now run a jumper wire from pin Rs of LCD over to digital pin 12 of the Arduino.

Then connect another jumper wire from pin Rw of the LCD to ground.

Now, pin E of the LCD connect a jumper wire over to digital pin 11 of the arduino board.

And working from another side D4 connect a wire over to digital pin 5.

And from D5 of the LCD when the jumper wire over to digital pin 4 of the Arduino.

Pin D6 of the LCD connect the pin 3 of the Arduino.

Pin D7 of the LCD 2 of the Arduino.

Pin Bk of the LCD connect 2 negative rail of the bread board. And the last step is connecting 1 outside end of the end of the potentiometer 2 ground and the other side of the potentiometer to the positive rail.

Now connect that’s about 220ohm resistor from pin 15 of the LCD to the positive rail.

And then of course connect the rail of your bread board over the ground.

And 5 volt pins of the Arduino.

So, after wiring complete it looks this.

Now, power on the arduino board by connect your computer using the USB cable.

Before we work on our sketch make sure to download the arduino IDE for your specific operating system.

I’ll leave a link in my description box where download the software and code. You can check it.

So, this is our whole program. In this program 12, 11, 5, 4, 3 and 2 as output. In that voice set up, we started our LCD set courser to 1 and LCD begging is 16 and 2. LCD set cursor to 1 and LCD print is do it project. You can write anything what you like.

Now, we verify our program. You can see there is no problem show in the black box.

Now go to the tools make sure you select the board which you use for your project and also make sure that you select the port wish you use. Then click the upload button.

After uploading the program on arduino board, connect a battery to provide power supply to the circuit. After power supply your output will appear on display. So, our project is ready. Thanks for watching.

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