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Today I am review a gorillapod tripod.

This gorilapod tripod really hard and strong. Its joins are very flexible. Its look a bit likes an octopus for me.

A phone holder. Before mount the mobile holder you need to remove the 3/8 screw. Now you can easily mount the mobile. Don’t forget that; put the screw in safe place.

You can attach digital camera, video camera, DSLR any kind of smartphone like Android, i-phone, galaxy notes etc.

You can see there are 11 rubberized rings. These rings make the legs more flexible. You can wrap around these legs in any structure.

Now I hook up these smartphones to this adapter.
It’s hight with attachment eighteen inches and it’s really light weight.

If you want to shoot a blog video or travel video this tripod would be a good or great choice. You can carry it easily anywhere.
It’s also buying from bd shop. I am going to have a link to this gorilapod tripod in the bottom description.

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