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ESP 32 review/ getting started with ESP 32/ ESP 32 TUTORIAL in English |Doit projects

Hi there,

Today i introduce you with a special microcontroller. This microcontroller let you utilize Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This special microcontroller called esp 32 or esp 3-2.

In this microcontroller there use the esp 32 chip. This has been made by Espressif Systems. It is a Chinese manufacture. This microcontroller designed with the TSMC low power 40 NM technologies as designed to best power and RF performance.

The ESP -32 is low cost system -on- chip series. It is an improvement on the popular Microcontrollers ESP 8266. Because of this microcontroller has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, which make it an all rounded chip for the development of IOT projects and em-boded system in general.

It has antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive amplifier, filters and power management modules.

You can also use this ESP 32 module instead of the arduino board. If you want to use the ESP -32 module instead of Arduino board with arduino IDE. You have to download or install the latest version of the arduino IDE and also you need to install python 2.7 and git. After that you need to execute some commands and it ready for use.

This controller also used in a lot of IOT applications for Music players ,WI- fi enable toys, Wi-Fi enable speech , recognition devices, audio headset , smart power plugs, home automation mesh systems, Industrial wireless control , Baby monitors, variable electronics, Wi-Fi enable location tracking devices, security IC tags etc. Now, I talk about the features of ES=32 module. So, things in the esp- 32 module are-

  1. ESp- wroom-32,
  2. ESP- 32 WROVER caption space,
  3. USB-UART Bridge,
  4. 5V power on LED,
  5. 3.3V Regulator,
  6. Micro USB port,

7 En button,

  1. BOOT button.

If you press the EN button, your board will reset. If you press the EN button and BOOT button together your board will go into reboot mode.

On the board, except from the ESP -32 chips, there is a 3.3V logic levels, a CP 2102 USB port to serial driver. 2 LEDs, the red LED indicts That the board is receiving power and the blue LED which is connected to digital pin, there are 30 pins on the board to use in our projects. This chip has dual core. It offers 321 bit processing units. The typical frequency of the CPU cores is 160 MHZ; this chip also offers 512 KBS of RAM memory up top 16 MBs of flash memory, tantalum capacitor. 36 GPIO pins, SPI, 12c UART, 12s buses up to 18, 12 bit ADCs, 2 8 bit DAC , encryption cores temperature sensor, touch sensor, a hall sensor etc.

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