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Today I’m going to show a very simple arduino project for beginner. We’re going to get four LED’s to turn on and turn off in a simple sequence. So, why we waiting for let’s star- Material we need for our project-

  1. A Arduino uno board or similar board ,
  2. A breadboard
  3. Five jump wires,
  4. LED (you can selected
    any color you want. I select blue color )
  5. And four resistors (the resistors are 330

So, these things we need for our project.

First we setup our hardware.


The First step is inserting the LED’s to the breadboard. We put the LED’s longer leg positive rail and shorter leg negative rail on breadboard. Same way we insert other three LED’s. Resistors one leg connects with the positive rail on breadboard. Where LED’s positive leg connects and other leg connects randomly on breadboard.


Take a jump wire to connect the ground pin on the Arduino to the negative rail on the breadboard.

Now it’s time to complete the circuit wire going to use output ports 11, 10, 9, 8. For the output signal connect the
positive lead of the resistors legs besides which we connected randomly on breadboard.

The circuit is done.

Power on the arduino . Make sure to download the arduino IDE for your specific operating system.


I’ll leave a link in my description box where you can download the software.


So, cheek it.


Open the downloaded file.

The program first creates four variables LED one, LED two, LED three and LED four.


The code in the setup part of the program tells the arduino that pins 11, 10, 9, 8 as output. In void loop, First Four
digital writes function about turn on one LED at a time with a 1000 millisecond or 1 second delay before each of them.


Turning on the next four digital write function turn off the LED’s with a 500 MS delay between each LED.


You can verify it by clicking the right icon.

If program have any error it showing the black massage bar at the bottom of the screen.


Before upload go to the tools and check the board. Make sure the arduino Uno is selected on your board and port selected com three.


Click on the upload button on the top corner and upload the program your Arduino board.


There are the code

/* A simple program to sequently turn and turn off 8 LEDs */


int led1 = 11;

int led2 = 10;

int led3 = 9;

int led4 = 8;


void setup()









void loop()


digitalWrite(led1,HIGH);  // turn on led1

delay(1000);              // wait for 2000ms

digitalWrite(led2,HIGH);  // turn on led2

delay(1000);              // wait for 2000ms

digitalWrite(led3,HIGH);  // turn on led3

delay(1000);              // wait for 2000ms

digitalWrite(led4,HIGH);  // turn on led4

delay(1000);              // wait for 2000ms

digitalWrite(led1,LOW);   // turn off led1

delay(200);               // wait for 1000ms

digitalWrite(led2,LOW);   // turn off led2

delay(200);               // wait for 1000ms

digitalWrite(led3,LOW);   // turn off led3

delay(200);               // wait for 1000ms

digitalWrite(led4,LOW);   // turn off led4

delay(200);               // wait for 1000ms



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