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Hi there,

Today I am going to tell you about 4 channel relay module.

In this part I am talking about how it work, its definition, its uses and i am talking little bit about how can you make it.

And in the second part I will show you the code and wiring system with arduino. So, without wasting time,

Let’s start it….

Okay first we get acquainted with this board. So, this relay has-

  1. Four independently relay,
  2. One 12V power supply,
  3. 4 optocupler,
  4. Six male headers,
  5. Four status indicator LED’s,
  6. Four NPN transistor,
  7. Four set there pin connector

In the set there have normally close pin, common pin and normally open pin. So, that’s all.

There is our four channel relay interface board. It is allows you to control various appliances and other equipment’s with large current. It can be controlled by the micro controller such as arduino, Raspberry pi, AVR, ARM etc.

A single channel relay module is a convenient board which can be used to control high voltage, high current load such as motor, lamps and AC load. A relay is actually a switch, which is electronically operated by an electromagnet. The electromagnet is activated with a low voltage, for example 5 volts from a micro controller and it pulls a contact to make or break a high voltage circuit.

This device protects the system from damage which make caused by the current error. You can use this relay module in the industrial sector, in the robotics sector, in smart home controls, microwaves oven, fans, Dc motor AC lamp etc.  You can also use them for electronics projects.

Now let’s talk about how to make a 4 channel relay module. You can make it at a lower cost.

So, things we need for your 4 channel relay board are- 1.A PCB board,

  1. 5V DC relay 4 pic,
  2. Six male headers,
  3. Four LED as a status indicator,
  4. Four DC 547 transistor,
  5. Four 220 ohm Resistor,
  6. Four 1K Resister,
  7. 4 set 3 pin connectors,
  8. 4 1N 4007 diode,
  9. L 7805 regulator IC 1 pic,

11.1000 micro farad 25V capacitor 1P,

  1. 105 Pico farad ceramic capacitor 1P

Now attach all components to the printed PCB board like this. And your 4 channel relay module is ready.

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